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Required Documents

Required Documents

The Required Documents vary from country to country but the standard documents required to meet the approval from the Labor Department of Nepal Government comprise of 5 papers mentioned below attested by the concerned country’s Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) and Nepal Embassy or Diplomatic Mission in the country.

Demand Letter

A copy of demand letter from the employer containing all the details of the vacancy like the type of workers required, number of workers, salary, qualification, experience, terms and conditions of employment, benefits, etc.

Power of Attorney

A copy of power of attorney duly authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Labor from the country of employer in the name of KL Employment Service to act on the behalf of the company.

Service Agreement

The agreement between KL Employment Service and the Employer mentioning the recruitment terms and conditions.

Guarantee of the Workers

The guarantee from the employer that all the workers sent to them will work within that country only and that no worker will be sent our of the country for employment purposes.

Employment Contract

A specimen copy of the employment contract of service agreement mentioning wages offered and schedule of benefits including accommodation, food, medical facilities, leave, etc.

Consular Letter

A letter addressing the concerned Consulate or Embassy for the needful authority.

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